Unwanted Distractions Eliminated with Remove!

Imaging technology company Scalado has recently introduced a new photography app that every photographer has always wanted.  The new app, titled Remove, eliminates distracting elements from your digital photographs!  The app works by taking multiple frames of the same picture and merging the still elements while removing the moving elements.  The app also allows for manual removal of objects.  Originally designed for mobile phones only supporting the Android OS, let's hope that this new technology will be available to all digital cameras soon!

Thanks to Jonathan and Cody for bringing this app to my attention....and you can read a full review of the app at Engadget.


New Work: Advanced Photography

Yet another amazing round of critiques with this semester's advanced photography students!  I believe you will certainly enjoy the variety of techniques and subjects in this post.  And, as always, feel free to 1.) visit C building to see the actual art work in the windows of C307 and 2.) leave a comment at the end of the post if a certain image moves you to do so!

 Ashia Gordon, junior

 Carson Taggart, junior

 Jon Brooks, senior

 Natalie Bender, senior

 Megan Ayers, senior

 Barbora Krnacova, junior

 Johnny Hays, junior

 Emily Ferlemann, senior

 Thomas Pugh, junior

 Justin Sly, senior

 Caitlin Ables, junior

 Patrick Lacy, junior

 Aubrey Thompson, sophomore

 Kody Wade, senior

 Samantha Wise, senior

 Sydney Barlow, junior

Haley Pooler, junior



Photopic Sky Survey

[via Skysurvey.org] "And so it was with this blueprint that I worked my way through the sky, frame by frame, night after night. The click-clack of the shutters opening and closing became a staccato soundtrack for the many nights spent under the stars. Occasionally, the routine would be pierced by a bright meteor or the cry of a jackal, each compelling a feeling of eerie beauty that seemed to hang in the air. It was an experience that will stay with me a lifetime."  --Nick Risinger

Created by photographer Nick Risinger, the Photopic Sky Survey is a 5,000 megapixel photograph of the night sky stitched together from 37,440 exposures!  Risinger's journey covered 45,000 miles by air and an additional 15,000 miles by land.  The dedication and passion for photography to create such an image is awe-inspiring!!  The sky survey is a 360ยบ panorama of the entire night sky that includes informational graphics of constellations and star names.  To experience the Photopic Sky Survey in all of its glory click ----> here (and be sure to go full screen!).

(WARNING:  some links may not be accessible through the Topeka Public Schools network!!)