Whether you have heard the word or not it is, by millions of people, a notable art form that is demanding to be recognized.  Nearly 30 million iPhones were sold last quarter along with another 3 million Android phones.  These smartphones are equipped with cameras that range anywhere between 5 to 8 megapixels.  That kind of resolution is competing with most point-and-shoot digital cameras and some low-end DSLRs!  Phoneography is not a new concept.  The idea was first presented on the Photosynthesis blog back in August of 2009:  Don't Have a Camera?  Use Your Cellphone!

Especially over the past year I have read many accounts online where more "traditional" photographers are challenging the concepts of phoneography.  Without quoting any singular person, the more negative attitudes can be summed up as grouping all phoneographers together as "Hipsters who slap a digital filter over an image and call it photography!"  The attitudes about what is, what isn't, and what can be considered photography will be constantly challenged...just as 35 mm film challenged those that were shooting medium format or the onset of digital photography challenged those that are still shooting film.  But for those photographers (such as myself) that have embraced this changing technology you definitely need to check out Photojojo's 10 Tips to Make Your Phone Photos Amazing!

And, while your there, be sure to also check out Photojojo's new blog Photojojo ♥s Phoneography!

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Mitchcm said...

Just came across this... When I heard 41 Megapixel phone I LAUGHED... The quality must be CRAP... but I am mistaken.... http://www.petapixel.com/2012/02/27/untouched-sample-shots-captured-with-nokias-new-41mp-camera-phone/