New Work: Advanced Photography

WOW!  What a spectacular start to the spring semester!  There is an amazing group of students enrolled in Advanced Photography this semester, spread out over three classes.  Their work is so solid and mature for the first critique.  I'm extremely excited to see what they will produce over the remaining months!!

 Patrick Lacy, junior

 Samantha Wise, senior

 Jon Brooks, senior

 Genevieve Akins, sophomore

 Brittney Childers, junior

 Danielle Phelps, junior

 Carson Taggart, junior

 Kelsey Haflich, senior

 Payton Templeton, sophomore

 Natalie Bender, senior

 Kyler Collins, junior

 Sarah Press, senior

 Taryn Wilkerson, junior

 Kody Wade, senior

Mitch Montague, senior

Jared Scrinopskie, sophomore


megh said...

Sooo am I allowed to come back and take photography from you again??



Mr. Berryman said...


You can come back for some photography tips any time you like! Though, I doubt you need them...the photography on your blog while you were working in Africa is amazing!!
For those of you who haven't yet viewed Meghann's blog, go to toloveafrica.blogspot.com.