Serpentine: Photographer Mark Laita

Photographer Mark Laita is a fine art photographer/advertiser based in Los Angeles.  One of his latest projects, Serpentine, allows us to see the beauty in some of the world's deadliest creatures:

To view more images from this series (which will be published as a book in the fall of 2012) visit Mark Laita's website.


Tim Mantoani: Iconic Photographs and the Photographers Who Created Them

[via Wired.com]:  The Tank Man of Tienanmen Square.  Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston in victory.  The portrait of the Afghan Girl on the cover of National Geographic.  Many of us can automatically recall these photos in our heads, but far fewer can name the photographers who took them.

Even fewer know what those photographers look like.

Tim Mantoani hopes to change that by taking portraits of famous photographers holding their most iconic or favorite photos in his new book Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends. Mantoani has shot over 150 of these portraits in the last five years, most of which are contained in the book. (Read more...)

Mark Seliger:  "Originally an inside opener for Rolling Stone cover story of Nirvana in conjunction with the release of In Utero, my first Polaroid (with Negative) was by far the most emotional and revealing of his spirit. Two months later Kurt died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. This photograph became the memorial RS cover."  Photo: Tim Mantoani
 Lyle Owerko:  "No one knew such a beautiful warm day would serve as the backdrop to one of the most painful and confusing events to the heart of mankind. This picture is one small part of such a huge event that ties the threads of thousands of stories and millions of people together.
Written words will never convey the whole scope of the event, nor even summarize the sounds, the smells or even the voices that are frozen in my memory bank from that day. I did the best job I could in photographing 9/11 so that future generations would have an idea of the scope of what happened, to have the evidence of how innocence can so easily be snatched away in a razor's edged moment of time.

My hope is that in time the wounds and pain will heal and that wisdom and peace will prevail among the darkness of this event, so that humanity can move forward into a time of grace and understanding."  Photo: Tim Mantoani

 Neil Leifer holds his photo, Ali vs. Liston, which he took on May 25, 1965 in Lewiston, Maine.
 Photo: Tim Mantoani

 Harry Benson:  "Brian Epstein — Beatles' manager — had just told them they were number one in America, and I was coming with them to New York, 1964."  Photo: Tim Mantoani

Jeff Widener holds his photo of Tank Man in Tienanmen Square from 1989.
Photo: Tim Mantoani

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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2012

Congratulations to those students whose work was accepted to the 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Kansas regional show!  Nearly 25 photographs were entered to the show and 4 were accepted and received awards.  The images (that are shown below) will be on display at the Wichita Center for the Arts from January 31 through March 11.

 Danielle Phelps, junior
Picture Me, Silver Key Award

 Alexis Gonzalez, junior
The Old Fort, Silver Key Award

Emily Ferlemann, senior
The Fury of Judas, Honorable Mention

 Dalton Lierz, senior
Starship, Honorable Mention


New Work: Advanced Photography

As the final critiques from the 2011 fall semester ended, these twelve photographs stood out among the rest.  The advanced photography classes are now beginning a new cycle and many new students will be added to the list of those whose work is displayed on this blog.  I am very excited to see what this year's students have waiting inside of them!

Jon Brooks, senior

Kayla Deters, junior

Natalie Bender, senior

Shelbi Markham, senior

Carson Taggart, junior

Tanner Thompson, junior

Kyler Collins, junior

Kody Wade, senior

Klayton Edwards, junior

Patrick Lacy, junior

Austin Davids, junior

Kelsey Haflich, senior