Aerial Photographs of the UK...in 3D!

 The Angel of the North sculpture, Jason Hawkes

[via www.boston.comDo not adjust your monitor. You're looking at 3D photographs by Jason Hawkes of sites around the UK.  You'll need some 3D glasses, and fortunately, they're easy to make yourself.  Jason shares some tips for shooting from a helicopter, as well as making images in 3D: "I normally fly in a Eurocopter AS355 which is a five seater machine.  I sit in the back wearing a harness and we usually take off the doors before flight.  I shoot on Nikon D3X and D3S using lenses from 14mm up to 300mm. (3D) Rigs on helicopters are a nightmare, especially as I might use three different types of helicopters in a week.  In the end I found with a little trial and error its just as easy to shoot with a single camera as long as you get the timings spot on.  Once you have the images you just use some standard Anaglyph software to integrate the shots and you end up with these stereoscopic images.  When viewed with chromatically opposite lenses you perceive the images as having three dimensions." -- Lane Turner

 Stonehenge monument, Jason Hawkes

 Christ Church at the University of Oxford, Jason Hawkes

The London Eye, Jason Hawkes

Wells Cathedral, Church of England, Jason Hawkes


New Work: Advanced Photography

I am so proud to present yet another batch of extraordinary photographs from this semester's advanced photography students!!  If it is possible, you must come by and look at all of these photos in C307...they are incredible to view in person!  And, as always, please feel free to leave comments for the students at the bottom of this post...they would greatly appreciate it.

Patrick Lacy, junior

Brittney Childers, junior

Natalie Bender, senior

Isaac Hockenbarger, junior

Alexis Gonzalez, junior

Ashia Gordon, junior

Kody Wade, senior

Salvador Munoz, junior

Michael Keatley, senior

Kelsey Haflich, senior

Johnny Hays, junior

Kyler Collins, junior

 Melanie Yates, junior

 Sarah Press, senior

 Courtny Lane, junior

 Mitch Montague, senior

Chris Harris, senior

Emily Ferlemann, senior