New Work: Advanced Photography

As critique #2 is now behind us it is incredible to see how much the Topeka West advanced photography students are growing.  Their work is becoming stronger and I am excited to see what they present at the next critique!!

 Clayton Werner, junior

 Samantha Wise, senior

 Klayton Edwards, junior

 Emily Ferlemann, senior

 Kheryssah Resendez, junior

 Megan Ayers, senior

 Biance McClure, junior

 Kyler Collins, junior

 Alexis Gonzalez, junior

 Taylor Anderson, senior

 Maribeth Emmert, senior

 Brittney Childers, junior

 Samantha Scott, senior

 Dalton Lierz, senior

 Ashia Gordon, junior

Kody Wade, senior

Please feel free to walk into C building and view these photographs first hand, and if you feel like it leave a comment at the bottom of this post...the students would enjoy reading the feedback!


The Water, Terje Sørgjerd

Earlier this past summer, the Photosynthesis blog highlighted three time-lapse videos by Norwegian photographer Terje Sørgjerd.  This past week Mr. Sørgjerd released a new time-lapse video titled The Water.  It is as utterly amazing as the first three....please watch:

(Please note:  This video is not viewable if you are browsing the blog through the Topeka Public Schools network.  You will have to enjoy this video from the comfort of your home.)

The Water from TSO Photography on Vimeo.


Light Painting & photographer Eric Curry

B-25:  Bomber Crew Plus One by Eric Curry

The word photography literally translates to "painting with light".  Photographer Eric Curry takes this translation to task in an astounding series of images titled American Pride and Passion:  A Photographic Celebration of our American Spirit.

56' Ford Pickup by Eric Curry

If Curry's images resemble paintings more than photographs it's because of they way they have been lit.  Instead of lighting the scene with sun or strobe, Curry painstakingly paints the whole image (area by area) with a large flashlight using long 30 second exposures.  Multiple images are combined via Photoshop to create the final composition.

Tres Amigos by Eric Curry

If all of this sounds like a lot of work...it is!!  Watch the video below for a better understanding of how the image (at the top of this post) B-25:  Bomber Crew Plus One came together.


Happy Birthday Instagram!!

Today, Instagram is one year old!  If you haven't checked out this amazing FREE app, it is about time you did.  Feel free to follow me @jberryman.  Check out some of my recent Instagram photos below: