New Work: Advanced Photography

With a new school year well underway, the first round of critiques for the advanced photography students have already come and gone.  I am teaching 3 very large advanced photography classes this semester and they definitely have me running every minute of the period!  This semester's batch of students have already proven that they are ready to maintain the high levels of creativity and technique that have become the standard at Topeka West High School.  Take a look at a small sampling of the images that were presented at last week's critiques...and remember that you can click on each image for a larger view. 

 Dalton Lierz, senior

 Natalie Bender, senior

 Danielle Phelps, junior

 Melanie Yates, junior

  Bianca McClure, junior

 Jonathan Brooks, senior

 Michael Keatley, senior

 Megan Ayers, senior

 Isaac Hockenbarger, junior

Brittney Childers, junior

 Cloe Evans-Wenger, senior

 Mitch Montague, senior

 Sarah Press, senior

 Shonna Harris, senior

 Savannah Hays, senior

Kelsey Farley, junior

Please feel free to walk into C building and view these photographs first hand and if you feel like it leave a comment at the bottom of this post...the students would enjoy reading the feedback!


Daniels said...

Once again, these photos leave me speechless! Congrats to all of the students' works found on this page... you have a talent far greater than my own, for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Caitlin said...

Very impressive - thank you for sharing!

Fisher said...

Great Pics again you all top everything you have done before. What was the medium used in Melanie Yates pic?

Dylan R said...

Yay! I've been waiting for you to put the first set of Adv. photography up, always enjoy checkin them out! Great work!

Lexi Chitwood said...

These are absolutely wonderful! :D Been waiting to see the next batch. Had my second photography class in Germany today and I just want to say Viele Dank Mr. Berryman! :D She went over the history of photography and I actually one up'd a lot of the other students. (Even though I spoke English) You are a wonderful teacher. :) Making this transition a little easier. I'll make sure to send pictures back! And take tons with my Holga.

Anna Wenner said...

Aww, I miss this class so much!!! Great works advanced photo people. Can't wait to see what else you put out this semester!