3 More Gorgeous Time-Lapse Videos!

I stumbled upon one of Terje Sørgjerd's time-lapse videos while browsing through one of the numerous photography blogs that I visit.  After picking my jaw up off of the ground, I watched the other two videos that he also has available on Vimeo.  Yeah, this guy's work is going on the blog!

Mr. Sørgjerd is a Norwegian photographer who is obviously very passionate about his work:

[via TSO Photography on Facebook] I have been published many times in some of the world biggest press and media outlets including, but not limited to: CNN, NBC, USA Today, Reuters, Discovery Channel, NatGeo, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Weather Channel and The Washington Post, Good Morning America, to name just a few.

I am probably most well known for my unique photos of the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which erupted in 2010, leaving an immediate impact on our modern society halting air-traffic between North America and Europe for over a week.

I won't make you search for all three videos, because I am certainly posting all three here.  Please, if you have the time, watch all three of them.  And watch them full screen.  With the sound on.  You will be glad that you did!!


Grace Elizabeth said...

They're all three amazing, but The Mountain is definitely my favorite (great music, too).

Mr. Berryman said...