Vintage Camera Post-A-Prints by Jeremy Slagle

[via jeremyslagle.com] "One poster becomes four 8”x10” art prints.  Post-a-prints are silk-screen printed on the highest-quality, acid-free archival stock—which means your art won’t fade or yellow.  Each print is perfectly sized to fit an 8x10 frame or matte.  Illustrations by Jeremy Slagle, based on vintage film cameras collected from garage sales and flea markets around Ohio.  Four 8x10 art prints for only $39."

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Colleen said...

Hey, Mr. Berryman! This post reminded me, I went to an antique show a couple of weeks ago and I got these two still working cameras (according to the woman selling them) that are a lot like the vintage ones in these prints. I'll give them to you at the start of the year.

Mr. Berryman said...

Coleen, I am looking forward to seeing these cameras! I hope you are having a fantastic summer!!