0 to 100

[via 0 to 100 Project]:  "Experience the Ultimate Life Story.  The beginning was humble, to say the least:  The people at Flash Reproductions told the people at Up Inc about a cool new bookbinding technique.  Intrigued by the possibilities, we brainstormed some ideas about how best to try it out.  From there, we enlisted photographer Sandy Nicholson, and a critical mass of other partners, for a unique collaboration.  The result?  Together, we’ve created 0 to 100, a poignant glimpse of the true face of the human lifespan: 101 portraits of folks at every age, from mere weeks to a full century old."

The 0 to 100 Project is an incredible view into the vast diversity of the human face.  Portraits of children younger than a year old to men and women into their 80's and 90's flow together to create a beautiful digital flipbook that you have to see to believe!  Click -----> here <----- to view the 0 to 100 Project's digital flipbook.

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This book was amazing!