New Work: Advanced Photography

Once again.....incredible pieces by some of the most talented photographers I have had the pleasure to work with!!

Emily Amyotte, sophomore

Natalie Bender, junior

Kenneth Diec, sophomore

Emily Ferlemann, junior

Grace Elizabeth Phelps Hyphen Roper, senior

Haley Pooler, sophomore

Vicky Phelps, senior

Jonathan Brooks, junior

Brandy Booker, senior

Blake Dexter, senior


District: an AWESOME time-lapse video!

District, by photographer Drew Geraci, is an exciting HDR time-lapse video taken in Washington, D.C.  Watch how Geraci captures the movement and intensity of one of our busiest cities!

You should definitely watch this one full screen!


A Pentax Camera Exploded (not literally)

Photographer Todd Mclellan likes to disassemble objects.  Like my brother, when we were younger, who would meticulously take apart his bicycle and lay out all the pieces in a row (so he could remember how they go back together).  I guess people like Mclellan (and my brother) are curious to see how objects work or how many pieces are inside.

Take a look at one of Mclellan's latest pieces:  a Pentax Spotmatic F SLR broken down and laid out in all its visible pieces (the photograph before is not Mclellan's...just an example of what the Pentax looks like in its normal state):

To see more of Todd Mclellan's work visit his site here -----> www.toddmclellan.com