New Work: Advanced Photography

A new semester has started and the Topeka West advanced photography students are off to an amazing start!  Please enjoy these 15 wonderful works of art to end your work week.  Be sure to share this link with other fans of photography and don't forget to leave a comment and the bottom of the post...the students would really enjoy hearing about what others think of their images!!

Samantha Wise, junior

 Emily Amyotte, sophomore

 Patrick Lacy, sophomore

 Brett Sidesinger, senior

 Grace Phelps Hyphen Roper, senior

 Kody Wade, junior

 Vicky Phelps, senior

 Dagan Brichalli, senior

 Brittany Bodenheimer, sophomore

Natalie Bender, junior

 Bryce Maes, junior

 Blake Dexter, senior

 Kyle Owen, senior

 Ruth Macias, junior

Gene' Boeselager, junior

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