New Work: Advanced Photography

Two more amazing critiques with the advanced photography students have come and gone.  They are now preparing for the final critique of the semester.  They will be hard-pressed to top themselves by the end of the semester...but I am definitely looking forward to seeing what they plan to present!

Grace Elizabeth Phelps hyphen Roper, senior

Anna Wenner, senior

Dylan Rogers, senior

Taylor Weakly, senior

Natalie Bender, junior

Travis Jenson, senior

Vicky Phelps, senior

AJ Calvin, senior

Jenna Sann, senior

Jonathan Brooks, junior

Ashten Zander, junior

Ryan Scott, senior

Brandy Booker, senior

Cody Martin, junior

Emily Ferlemann, junior

Kyle Owen, senior


Taylor Anderson said...

I love the couple pictures and also the highlighters. Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing - I love this blog! Thank you for sharing your talents!

JoAnn in A Office