New Work: Advanced Photography

After another two days of amazing critiques the advanced photography students have stepped it up another notch! Please enjoy this small sampling of the incredible talent that is evident here at Topeka West!!  Be sure to click on each image to see a larger version...and don't forget to leave comments at the bottom of the post, the students would love it!

(Coming soon:  new work by this year's beginning photography students.)

Travis Jenson, senior

Dagan Brichalli, senior

Natalie Bender, junior

Emily Ferlemann, junior (cyanotype)

Vicky Phelps, senior

Jenna Sann, senior

Ryan Scott, senior

Alexus Renyer, junior

Emily Amyotte, sophomore

Maci Loughrea, senior

Grace Elizabeth Phelps hyphen Roper, senior

Joe Bourne, senior

Alex Rios, senior

Rebecca Dixon, senior

Anna Wenner, senior (cyanotype)


Shon said...

Great pictures... I'm always impressed with the artistry of West students. Keep up the good work!


Doug said...

Outstanding job...Keep up the good work. You can definitely tell a lot of hard work has gone into these photos!!

Donna said...

How amazing! I love that digital photography now allows a student photographer more opportunity to experiment with cropping and post-camera exposure and effects (the cost of film, chemicals and paper made that tough in 1984)! A great photo blog belongs to The Pioneer Woman (http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/photography). Lots of good tips, both from a shooting aspect and a Photoshop perspective. Good contests there too for your students to enter!