Happy Halloween!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to enjoy the images by Kansas City-based horror photographer Joshua Hoffine?  His work is elaborate, creative, and....scary!!

 Candy, Joshua Hoffine

 From Hoffine's artist statement: "I stage my photo shoots like small movies, with sets, costumes, elaborate props, fog machines, and special effects make-up.  Everything is acted out live in front of the camera.  I use friends and family members, including my own daughters, as actors and crew.

I try to present the images within the visual grammar of a child.  I want the viewer to empathize with the child, to share their point of view, to feel their sense of vulnerability.  The images stress danger, and depict an amoral world where purity and innocence are under constant threat.  Like fairy tales, these photographs function as cautionary metaphors about the potential dangers of the world."

 Swarm, Joshua Hoffine

 See more of Joshua Hoffine's work at www.joshuahoffine.com and keep up-to-date with his latest projects at Hoffine's Behind the Scenes Horror Blog

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