New Work: Advanced Photography

What a fantastic start to a new school year!  The two advanced photography classes presented very impressive work at the first critique last week.  I am showcasing a small amount of the images below.  If you'd like to come and see the work first-hand, please feel free to stop by C building (room 307).  The images will be on display until the end of the first quarter.

And, as always, also feel free to leave any comments for the artists in the comments link at the bottom of this post.  The artists will greatly appreciate reading feedback about their work!

Emily Amyotte, sophomore

Alex Rios, senior

Natalie Bender, junior

Vicky Phelps, senior

Anna Wenner, senior

Emily Ferlemann, junior

Lindsey Modin, senior

Ryan Scott, senior

Grace Elizabeth Phelps Hyphen Roper, senior

Alexa Bowen, junior

Anthony Flippo, senior

Kyle Owen, senior

Travis Jenson, senior


L Yoder said...

These are all awesome! My entire class looked at them this morning!
Our talent is unbelievable!!
Ms. Yoder

Shon said...

Wow, excellent photographs. I only wish I had the eye that these students do for their work. Keep up the good work!

Mrs J. said...

Fantastic work everyone!

Unknown said...

I'm pleasantly surprised at the fine work from the phelps girls. Maybe looking at the world through a lens will help clarify the rest of their "views".