The World's Largest Digital Photograph...for now!

Photographers at 360World have created the most amazing panoramic photograph using the city of Budapest as their subject. The image is so massive it is mind-boggling to put into perspective!

Consider this: most consumers carry around a digital point and shoot camera that creates images around 10-12 megapixels. What is a megapixel? A megapixel equals 1 million pixels (a pixel being the smallest element in a digital image). So if you are shooting with a 10 megapixel camera, each image you create (theoretically) contains 10 million pixels. Following so far? The image of Budapest shot by 360World is almost 70 gigapixels. That's almost 70 billion pixels!!

Look at the image above. See those buildings on the horizon? Click here to zoom into the windows on those buildings. Really...go ahead!! Mind-boggling!!

To watch a video of how this incredible image was created click on the Making Of tab on the website (directly below the image)...interesting!

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Anna Wenner said...

That's incredible! It's really fun to zoom in and out on. The detail is pretty amazing...