Topeka West Student Websites: Update

I just found out a couple of days ago that Topeka West graduate Heather Mabry ('08) started her own photography website. She created the site on Weebly.com. The layout is very clean, the photos are crisp and clear, and, best of all, it's free!

Check out Heather's photography website here ----> Heather Mabry Photography

Over the past year I have showcased other Topeka West students' websites/galleries as they have become available. I suggest that you visit these sites as well...our students would definitely appreciate the support!

Brian Slater's ('97) website ForwardsBackwards

Josh Mishler's ('00) website Juxtaposed Machines

Caitlin Seals Schwanke's ('07) website Caitlin Seals Schwanke Photography

Erik Boeselager's ('10) photostream on Flickr

Maci Loughrea's ('11) photostream on Flickr (also, view it here via Fluidr)

and Anna Wenner's ('11) gallery on Deviant Art

Amazing talent...each and every one of them!! Know of another T. West student who has a photography website or gallery online? Let me know. I'll include the link in the next update. And, please feel free to leave a comment about the artists' work....they'd love it!!

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