Light Painting and Video Animation

Okay. I had no intention of taking such a long hiatus from the Photosynthesis blog. I've been enjoying my summer way too much and now that the World Cup has started....well, it's difficult to get anything accomplished!

But tonight I happened upon this incredible video combining light painting and stop animation. Incredible! Be sure to watch the "behind the scenes" which you can access at the end of video.

And I promise I will do a little bit better with the updates! I already have a couple of new posts already lined up......1.) Holga photos taken in Italy by a past T. West photography student and 2.) examples of Bokeh photography (yeah, the term was new to me as well!).

So, enjoy Light Warfare!!


Mitch M said...

Though I have never done Bokeh with a camera but have seen tutorials on heart-shaped lens caps and the like, I ran across it once while going through photoshop tutorials so I made myself one... it is now my theme on Google Chrome, my computer desktop background and my phone background :p

MMapes said...

That is really cool. maybe a little cheesy in my personal opinion but definately takes a lot of time and creativitiy to make a video like that. :)