The Widest Photo Ever Created?

Simon Hoegsberg (a freelance photographer working in Copenhagen) has created what many believe is the widest photo ever shot. We're All Gonna Die - 100 Meters of Existence is exactly that...100 meters wide! If you can't quite grasp the length of 100 meters, think about Olympic gold-medalist Usain Bolt who ran 100 meters in 9.68 seconds in Beijing.

The title of the photograph: “We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence” is not meant to spread fear as some people may believe – on the contrary, it’s meant to point out that life is beautiful, and unless we open up to each other instead of keeping our longings, hopes and experiences to ourselves we’ll fall into the grave with a lot of valuable information and love that we never got around to sharing with the people we’re in touch with. -- Simon Hoegsberg

To read a short interview with Hoegsberg about We're All Gonna Die click ----> here.


Lexi Chitwoood said...

I love this photo! It made my day. I had to comment on my favorite part though. That would be the two older people with the gauze eye patches. It made me chuckle.
-Lexi Chitwood

Caitlin said...

Incredible! I can't believe I hadn't yet come across this beautiful piece of art. Thank you for sharing it!