A Timely Global Mosaic

Want to be part of a "Global Mosaic"? The New York Times photography blog, Lens, is coordinating a massive photographic experience that will take place on a specific date at a very specific time.

The NYTimes is asking all photographers (amateurs, students, professionals) to take a photo, wherever you are, at exactly 15:00 U.T.C. next Sunday, May 2nd. What is U.T.C.? The letters stand for Coordinated Universal Time (formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time). At 15:00, much of the populated world is in daylight, creating a perfect opportunity to record what you are doing, or experiencing, at that exact moment!

General topics (provided by Lens) include Religion, Play, Nature & the Environment, Family, Work, Arts & Entertainment, Money and the Economy, Community, or Social Issues. According to the post: "What matters more than technique is the thought behind the picture, because you’ll only be sending us one. So please do think beforehand about where you will want to be and what you will want to focus on."

If you would like to participate, take a photo at exactly 10 a.m. (Central Standard Time) next Sunday morning. Quickly upload it to your computer and then submit your photo to: submit.nytimes.com/moment. Within mere minutes images will begin to appear on NYTimes.com and the Lens blog. You will be able to witness what others, all across the world, are experiencing at exactly the same moment!!

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