"Sleeping" Insects and Dew Drops

Miroslaw Swietek, an amateur photographer living in Poland, took up photography only two and a half years ago and already he has created some very inventive images!

Mr Swietek enjoys photographing insects in a forest close to his home. He seeks out insects very early in the morning when they are "sleeping". They are not really sleeping. The insects enter a state of torpor which makes them very inactive and less sensitive to external stimuli. The morning dew collects on their bodies, making some of them almost impossible to identify.

"I have books which help me identify insects but because they are all covered in dew I find it almost impossible to know which types they are.", states Mr. Swietek. "At 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. insects are sleepy and taking photos of them is easy, but it is very difficult to find them."

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