Miss the Darkroom? There's an App for That!

SwankoLab is more than just an image-editing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. SwankoLab is a darkroom simulator that includes chemicals, formulas, timers, and a working safelight! You process your digital photos using chemical formulas (that you create or come "pre-mixed") allowing you a wide range of control over how your photos turn out. Take a look at a sneak peek of the user interface:

That is too cool!! SwankoLab releases to the App Store in early April.


Update (04/04/10): At this time, SwankoLab is not available on the App Store. The creators do have an alternative app, Hipstamatic iPhone App, available now.


Update (04/06/10): SwankoLab is now available on iTunes!! Take a look at these awesome promo examples....

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Anonymous said...

Parliament looks pretty badass in this photo. The darkening of the corners to give the composition a more round feel works well. Also, the whole piece is soft and intimate for such a large structure.