Yet Another Congrats!

Congratulations to Andrew Martin ('10) whose spectacular photograph of the Topeka West boys' basketball team will grace each and every cover of next year's school planner! You students remember those, right? Planners? Hehe!

Just a few weeks ago I posted Andrew's winning photograph along with another photograph by Emily Schaffert. Andrew's photo placed second in the Kansas Scholastic Press Association's regional contest. Please wish Andrew and Emily good luck as they compete against other high school photographers in late May at the state level.


A Timely Global Mosaic

Want to be part of a "Global Mosaic"? The New York Times photography blog, Lens, is coordinating a massive photographic experience that will take place on a specific date at a very specific time.

The NYTimes is asking all photographers (amateurs, students, professionals) to take a photo, wherever you are, at exactly 15:00 U.T.C. next Sunday, May 2nd. What is U.T.C.? The letters stand for Coordinated Universal Time (formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time). At 15:00, much of the populated world is in daylight, creating a perfect opportunity to record what you are doing, or experiencing, at that exact moment!

General topics (provided by Lens) include Religion, Play, Nature & the Environment, Family, Work, Arts & Entertainment, Money and the Economy, Community, or Social Issues. According to the post: "What matters more than technique is the thought behind the picture, because you’ll only be sending us one. So please do think beforehand about where you will want to be and what you will want to focus on."

If you would like to participate, take a photo at exactly 10 a.m. (Central Standard Time) next Sunday morning. Quickly upload it to your computer and then submit your photo to: submit.nytimes.com/moment. Within mere minutes images will begin to appear on NYTimes.com and the Lens blog. You will be able to witness what others, all across the world, are experiencing at exactly the same moment!!

To read the rest of the story, click -----> here.


New Work: Advanced Photography

Critique #3 has come and gone. This semester's advanced students are creating some of the highest-quality work that I have ever witnessed! Once again, if you cannot make it to C building to see the work for yourself (hanging in the windows of C307) here are the same images in digital format. Enjoy! (Be sure to click on the image if you would like to view it at a higher resolution!!)

Tyler Wade, senior

Aquia Wilkins, senior

Katie Fitchpatrick, junior

Faye Miller, senior

Isla Alvarez, junior

Anthony Flippo, junior

Delaney Hurd, junior

Blake Dexter, junior

Victoria Phelps, junior

Brandy Booker, junior

Kyle Owen, junior

Travis Jenson, junior

Andrew Martin, senior

Grace Phelps-Roper, junior

Emily Wentworth, senior

Jackie Hebron, senior

Megan Mapes, senior


Maci Loughrea: TPAC's Young Artist of the Year

Congratulations Maci!!! After a brief phone call to the Topeka Performing Arts Center Friday afternoon, I was told that Maci had won TPAC's Young Artist of the Year Award in the Visual Arts category!

For those of you who have been following the blog for more than a year you might remember that Andrew Martin ('10) won in the same category last year. Two years in a row, baby! Let's go for three!!

Please enjoy the following ten images that helped Maci secure this very prestigious award. She is a very talented young woman and I hope to have her back in the photography program during her senior year at West!


The Widest Photo Ever Created?

Simon Hoegsberg (a freelance photographer working in Copenhagen) has created what many believe is the widest photo ever shot. We're All Gonna Die - 100 Meters of Existence is exactly that...100 meters wide! If you can't quite grasp the length of 100 meters, think about Olympic gold-medalist Usain Bolt who ran 100 meters in 9.68 seconds in Beijing.

The title of the photograph: “We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence” is not meant to spread fear as some people may believe – on the contrary, it’s meant to point out that life is beautiful, and unless we open up to each other instead of keeping our longings, hopes and experiences to ourselves we’ll fall into the grave with a lot of valuable information and love that we never got around to sharing with the people we’re in touch with. -- Simon Hoegsberg

To read a short interview with Hoegsberg about We're All Gonna Die click ----> here.


New Work: Photography 1

The spring semester Photography 1 students are finally getting consistently sunny weather to shoot with. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of prints they have been creating. Please enjoy this first gallery of work and feel free to comment on any of the prints (by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of the post) as the students would surely enjoy the feedback. I promise more images to come later in the semester!

Sarah Press, sophomore

Dylan Rogers, junior

Jenna Sann, junior

Miriam Wollschlager, junior

Alexa Bowen, sophomore

Lindsey Modin, junior

Ana Montero, junior

Jill Siebert, sophomore

Brandon Talley, junior

Kelsey Tinoco, junior


Recognize this photo?

No? Here's a hint: click here.

If you didn't instantly recognize this photo...where have you been? Seriously though, this photograph has certainly changed Richard Misrach's career. To see more of Misrach's photography, you can view a large gallery of his work at Edelman's Gallery online.


Miss the Darkroom? There's an App for That!

SwankoLab is more than just an image-editing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. SwankoLab is a darkroom simulator that includes chemicals, formulas, timers, and a working safelight! You process your digital photos using chemical formulas (that you create or come "pre-mixed") allowing you a wide range of control over how your photos turn out. Take a look at a sneak peek of the user interface:

That is too cool!! SwankoLab releases to the App Store in early April.


Update (04/04/10): At this time, SwankoLab is not available on the App Store. The creators do have an alternative app, Hipstamatic iPhone App, available now.


Update (04/06/10): SwankoLab is now available on iTunes!! Take a look at these awesome promo examples....


"Sleeping" Insects and Dew Drops

Miroslaw Swietek, an amateur photographer living in Poland, took up photography only two and a half years ago and already he has created some very inventive images!

Mr Swietek enjoys photographing insects in a forest close to his home. He seeks out insects very early in the morning when they are "sleeping". They are not really sleeping. The insects enter a state of torpor which makes them very inactive and less sensitive to external stimuli. The morning dew collects on their bodies, making some of them almost impossible to identify.

"I have books which help me identify insects but because they are all covered in dew I find it almost impossible to know which types they are.", states Mr. Swietek. "At 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. insects are sleepy and taking photos of them is easy, but it is very difficult to find them."