See Utah in 360 Degrees: Virtual Reality Panoramas

Recently, Topeka West's very own Linda Harold sent an email containing a link to a very fascinating site. I've been familiar with Quicktime VR (virtual reality) panoramas for several years, but each year they just get better and better!

The night sky and Double Arch, Arches National Park in Utah

The photo above is a still shot taken from a 360 degree VR panorama in Arches National Park in Utah. To experience this breath-taking panorama for yourself ----> click here!

There are many panoramas to see on the site Utah3d.net. Each one is unique and incredibly fun to spin around in! Click on these quick links to see a few more:

Ironically, just a week or so before Linda sent me her email, my wife's Aunt Janie sent me a link (via email) to Quicktime VR tours of the Vatican...

...click here to tour the Basilica of Saint John Lateran (click on a numbered circle to tour that area of the basilica).

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