Numbl...a new game available on the Apple App Store!

Today's post is not so much about photography as it is about supporting the creativity of a past Topeka West photography student. Andy Wise graduated from Topeka West in 2002. Since that time he has received a degree in graphic design from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri and currently is the Creative Director for a marketing and advertising agency called Obata in St. Louis.

Last semester, Andy's younger sister, Samantha, joined the ranks of the Topeka West photography students when she enrolled in Photography 1. During that time she showed me a numbers game that Andy was in the process of designing for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and the soon-to-be-released iPad.

This is the "main menu" screen, displayed when Numbl is first loaded.

This weekend I received an email from Andy stating that his game is now available on Apple's App Store and the game is called Numbl (a combination of the words number and jumble).

Who knew that addition could be so addictive? Numbl is an entertaining math workout for your brain. It's perfect for a quick game, or an endless two-player battle against a friend!

Numbl tests your simple, speedy addition skills. To play, touch numbered tiles as fast as you can to reach a target sum, which is displayed at the top of the screen. Once each tile is used, it disappears. See how quickly you can clear the screen. You'll be surprised at how soon your skills improve!

See how your time compares to other players around the world in the top-100 high score leaderboard. Then, show off your addition wizardry via Facebook and Twitter.

The grid of numbers in a one-player game of Numbl.

After a correct answer, the Numbl tiles disappear to the top.

There is also the option for two players to play simultaneously...

When a 2-player game begins, the numbers for each player slide into place.

I have yet to download Numbl from the App Store this weekend because every time I try I receive an error message stating that the App Store isn't available (even though I am browsing on the App Store when I am trying to download.) Ahhhhh, technology! I will post an immediate review when I finally get the application on my iPhone.

How cool is this that a past Topeka West student is creating apps for the iPod and iPhone? Go Andy!!

Update: I was finally able to download Numbl from the App Store (and updated my iPhone software while I was at it) and I have to honestly tell you that it is an amazing game! The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is quick and addictive. You want to constantly keep improving your time. I'll have to take on my son in a two-player challenge. He's kind of a math-genius so I'll be lucky if I beat him even one time!

Update II:


Andy Wise said...

I'm honored to be featured on the Photosynthesis blog! As an avid subscriber, I love this site's great content and checking in on the steady flow of stellar talent from my alma mater. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Go West!

wilmcdaniel said...

Very nice Andy...How long did it take to learn the programing language? How is Apple's development software?