New Work: Advanced Photography

The advanced photography students this semester continue to amaze me.....see for yourself!

Emily Park, senior

Andrew Davids, junior

Samantha Wise, sophomore

Holly Higgs, senior

Ryan Scott, junior

Andrew Martin, senior

Jackie Hebron, senior

Grace Phelps-Roper, junior

Cameron Seals Schwanke, senior

Dagan Brichalli, junior

Quentin Chediak, senior

Faye Miller, senior

Erik Boeselager, senior

Kendis Fortney, junior

Please feel free to leave comments for the students to read. Thanks!


Susie Corbett said...

These are high quality photos!! These kids should make sure they have an electronic portfolio to allow others to review their work, as well as a physical one for employers. I look forward to seeing them on display at Best of West. Really beautiful work!!

M Boyer said...

Outstanding work. Recognized most of the students. Jason - you continue to impress.

Tajinder said...

excellent ,remarkable pictures

Connie said...

Fascinating. I love to see the many talents of my students that they have outside of class. It allows me to see a very different side of who they are.