Photography & the 2010 Winter Olympics

[from the New York Time's Lens blog, On Assignment: Up for the Downhill]:

To photograph subjects who’ll be moving past him in a flash, Doug Mills spends weeks of preparation.

The regimen begins long before he arrives at a Winter Olympics site. Mr. Mills, just shy of 50, calls himself a “survivor skier,” who must train for a few weeks to ensure he can ski safely to photographic vantages along the slopes. (You thought photographers got there by bus?)

Once at the site — this year Vancouver — Mr. Mills spends days studying the likely medal contenders as they practice, watching for any nuances that might inform how they’ll move during their competition runs, when they attain speeds of 80 miles an hour or more. He also scouts out vantage points that might provide strong images, with complementary backgrounds. Mr. Mills is constantly asking himself, “What’s it going to look like; not just when they hit the gate, but when they come over?”

To read the remainder of this article and to watch an incredible slideshow of Mr. Mills' photography during the Olympics click ---------> here!

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