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A past advanced photography student of mine has recently created a very exciting blog! Caitlin Seals Schwanke ('07) has been presented the opportunity to spend this spring semester of her college career in England.

Well, wow.

I am about to drop all the connections I’ve recently made here at Baker, leave my family, forgo my excessive wardrobe for a more travel-friendly one, and traipse off to some little village in England, near Grantham, (made known only by Sir Issac Newton and Margaret Thatcher) where I will, I am told, find an old manor house now converted to a college. I am, in theory, allowed to board here for a total of four months and attend fascinating classes in my field of interest, and then be whisked away to beautiful and exotic lands on any given weekend.

As I try to explain my trip to family and friends, I find myself repeating certain points over and over as I try to make this intangibly fabulous opportunity seem real to them and to myself. Four months of four-day-a-week classes and three-day weekends every weekend. Trips to Paris, Ireland, Oxford, Edinburgh, and Wales, not to mention the week in Italy at the semester’s close. Taking classes in Shakespeare and Arthurian legend in Britain. Living in a manor. (It makes me giggle just to say that.) Nothing could possibly get cooler than this.
-excerpt from Caitlin's first post, An Exceedingly Exciting Escapade to England

Caitlin writes exceptionally well and her blog is a joy to follow. AND, Caitlin is also documenting her travels with her camera and has several galleries sprinkled throughout her posts. So what are you waiting for? Click on over to Caitlin's Harlaxton Blog or start by viewing her images of England at Caitlin's Harlaxton Experience (In pictures!).

Caitlin also has a photography website: Caitlin Seals Schwanke Photography

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Caitlin said...

Thanks, Mr. Berryman - I'll have to work hard to keep up with your praise!