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I've been browsing through lots of great websites this week and I was having a difficult narrowing down which one to post....so, I decided to post them all! Not a lot of information about each one...just enough to hopefully stir some excitement about learning more! Be sure to click on the links....there are plenty this time!

Neon Boneyard by Pam Sattler, images taken at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. To see more of Pam's Boneyard images, click here to see the full set!

"I was spending the fourth of July back in Nebraska, in the farmhouse where I grew up, and there were more fireflies that summer than I'd ever seen. I went out to the dirt road behind the house and shot this using a long exposure, just after sunset."

National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009 winners have been announced! The image above (Rachel Blaser, Nebraska) was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Places category. To see the rest of the winners (and winners from the last two years) click -----> here!

"The first in a series of photographs exploring and called the colour of music. This series purely looks at the colour of the record sleeves grouping all records by colour alone. In this way the genres of music were mixed with techno standing next to hiphop next to rock next to house and so on. The resulting photographs create a rhythm of colour, light and shade through an unseen collection of music. All photos are untreated showing only the natural colours of the records." - George Benson

To see the rest of Benson's Colour of Music series click -----> here!

Extreme macro photography by Thomas Shahan! See more of Shahan's images on his Flickr Photostream.....or, view Shahan's images using Fluidr!!

The Best Camera is "an inspirational 3-part 'ecosystem' created by world-renowned photographer, Chase Jarvis." Jarvis' ecosystem includes a book of images shot entirely with an iPhone, an online community made of live iPhone images from around the world, and an awesome iPhone app that includes 14(!) filters that can be used individually or stacked together to create one-of-a-kind images that can be instantly uploaded to the site. "You can see the images pouring into the photostream and click on any image to see who shot the photo and what filters they used to create their 'look'."

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andywise said...

I just saw the Pam Sattler "Boneyard" gallery the other day - surreal. Solid post and great blog all around, Mr. B.