Shooting Challenge: Slow Shutter

Gizmodo.com posted the results of the Slow Shutter Challenge last week on their website. Want to view some really cool photography? Then check out all 74 Mesmerizing Slow Shutter Shots! (I've posted three below along with the photographer's backstory on each photo.)

Taken driving down I5 from Portland, Oregon to Corvallis, Oregon.
Camera: 500D w/ Tokina 11-17mm F2.8; 5 sec shutter; ISO 400
- Scott Burback

Smoke Signal was taken with an Olympus sp350 set to night scene.
This was taken with a color changing LED rave light about six inches long
by 1/2 inch wide that I wrapped with electrical tape to create a candy cane stripe. I placed the light
on my record turn table at a slow RPM and swiped the camera
vertically to create the spinning stripe.
- Brad Bogle

It takes realized with a Nikon D300, lens Sigma 18-250,
takes at low speed with a leds lantern. ISO: 100; 18 mm; f: 8; v: 30'
- Diego Haristoy

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