How Awesome are your Parents?

Back before you knew your parents, back when they were hip, boss, and bitchin'...they cruised through life with a carefree attitude knowing that their whole lives were ahead of them. Then they had you. And all their easygoing days (mostly) came to an end and their true adult lives started. But they still have the pictures to prove just how cool they really were.

If you'd like to experience a bit of nostalgia and literally see just how awesome people from earlier generations really were (and possibly see your own parents!), than you need to check out the blog My Parents Were Awesome. Because, believe it or not, at one time your parents really were cool:

(they were actually in a band!)

(...vacationing on the lake)

(...fixing up that hot rod)

(...being the local hottie)

(...joking around with friends)

(...or just two young kids in love!!)

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