Shooting Challenge: Slow Shutter

Gizmodo.com posted the results of the Slow Shutter Challenge last week on their website. Want to view some really cool photography? Then check out all 74 Mesmerizing Slow Shutter Shots! (I've posted three below along with the photographer's backstory on each photo.)

Taken driving down I5 from Portland, Oregon to Corvallis, Oregon.
Camera: 500D w/ Tokina 11-17mm F2.8; 5 sec shutter; ISO 400
- Scott Burback

Smoke Signal was taken with an Olympus sp350 set to night scene.
This was taken with a color changing LED rave light about six inches long
by 1/2 inch wide that I wrapped with electrical tape to create a candy cane stripe. I placed the light
on my record turn table at a slow RPM and swiped the camera
vertically to create the spinning stripe.
- Brad Bogle

It takes realized with a Nikon D300, lens Sigma 18-250,
takes at low speed with a leds lantern. ISO: 100; 18 mm; f: 8; v: 30'
- Diego Haristoy

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Fluidr: The Flickr Experience

I've honestly never enjoyed browsing through Flickr. I can also state that I probably visit a Flickr site maybe once a month. And since I don't have a lot of experience browsing through the photostreams I guess that explains why I think navigating through Flickr is a bit tedious.

So, the other day I find this little website that makes browsing through a Flickr photostream a lot easier....and a lot more fun! The more I think about it Fluidr (http://www.fluidr.com/) is more of an online application than it is a website:

[from www.fluidr.com] "Fluidr presents a new way of exploring Flickr photos and videos.

It was designed to allow you, the viewer, to discover and interact with Flickr photos and videos with as little distraction as possible. This is achieved by:

  • Large images
  • Far fewer page loads
  • A simple interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Sorting by interestingess
  • Shuffle images
  • Explore videos
Fluidr is a hobby project of Sidath Senanayake (haelio on Flickr) and was initially developed as a way to share photos with friends and family without them having to wait for page loads each time they moved from one large-size image to the next. They soon found that they would get a lot further into a photostream before moving onto something else when they used early versions of Fluidr.

In light of this it was decided to offer Fluidr to a wider audience as a way to give something back to the wonderful Flickr community. Fluidr will always remain free to use and ad-free. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do! If you like Fluidr, please tell your friends about it."

Ironically, a day or two after I had visited Fluidr for the first time, one of Topeka West's advanced photography students left a comment on the most recent post at Photosynthesis stating that she had recently updated her Flickr photostream. I hadn't yet had the opportunity to view a photostream with the Fluidr software so I typed in the url that she had posted and then clicked on the Fluidr bookmarklet that is available on the Fluidr website. WOW! What a difference!!

The complete photostream loads as you scroll down through all the images...AND, if you want to see the image full-screen, all you have to do is click on it! I looked through each and every image and it took mere minutes.

To see all of Maci's photostream using Fluidr click here ----> http://www.fluidr.com/photos/limegreenkisses14. You'll love it just as much as I did and will starting viewing all Flickr photostreams using this fantastic software!


Photo Essay: An American Soldier

For 27 months Denver Post photographer Craig F. Walker followed Ian Fisher as he graduates high school, joins the Army, goes through training, deploys to Iraq, and returns to his family and soon-to-be-wife. The images that Walker captured are brilliant! Spanning from early summer 2007 to August of 2009 Walker's images show a clearly defined transformation of a boy maturing into a young man.

Ian Fisher: American Soldier <-------- Click on this link to view a selection of Walker's images including excellent captions detailing the last two year's of Ian's life in the Army.


Go GorillaMobile with Joby's new GorillaPod

Earlier this year I blogged about an amazing tripod called the Gorillapod. The company behind this amazing, versatile tool is now offering an even smaller Gorillapod for the iPhone 3G and 3GS models!

A bit pricey at $39.95, the GorillaMobile would be a definite asset to photography enthusiasts who want to capture the perfect image without having to hand-hold their camera phone. The GorillaMobile also fits alternate mobile devices such as video/MP3 players, GPS units, cameras, PSPs, and pocket projectors!


New Work: Photography 1

Photography 1 students this fall are now deep into the cycle of photography. With all the notes, tests, and demonstrations out of the way students are coming to class prepared to shoot black and white 35 mm film, develop their film (by hand!), or print their negatives onto 5" x 7" black and white paper.

Right from the start many students are creating some very impressive images! Obviously I do not have the room on this blog to share an image by each and every student...instead I will be selecting a few of the best images every time the students turn in their portfolios. Please enjoy a small selection from the the first project repetition:

Maggie C., sophomore

Danika G., sophomore

Kody H., senior

Bryanna H., sophomore

Mayo I., junior

Ryan S., junior

Samantha W., sophomore


How Awesome are your Parents?

Back before you knew your parents, back when they were hip, boss, and bitchin'...they cruised through life with a carefree attitude knowing that their whole lives were ahead of them. Then they had you. And all their easygoing days (mostly) came to an end and their true adult lives started. But they still have the pictures to prove just how cool they really were.

If you'd like to experience a bit of nostalgia and literally see just how awesome people from earlier generations really were (and possibly see your own parents!), than you need to check out the blog My Parents Were Awesome. Because, believe it or not, at one time your parents really were cool:

(they were actually in a band!)

(...vacationing on the lake)

(...fixing up that hot rod)

(...being the local hottie)

(...joking around with friends)

(...or just two young kids in love!!)