Mpix: Professional Results at a Fraction of the Cost!

For the last few years I have been seeking a competent online photography printing lab that would offer excellent quality but also provide the convenience of a local business. Some of my students have used a site called Printroom with varying results.

Last year I heard a rumor that a professional printing company located in Pittsburg, KS (that has been around for decades and caters to professional photographers all over the country!) was opening its services to everyone. Well, after a bit of research online the rumor was, it turns out, false. BUT, the company has started a website called Mpix that offers all the same services that they offer to professionals....so, I guess, the rumor is a bit true!

I looked through the tour offered on the website and liked the services that they offered but I haven't had time to check out the quality of their prints.

The very next day I spoke to Mrs. Dekat (Topeka West journalism teacher) about Mpix. Unbeknownst to me she had used their services that same evening. She informed me a few days later that she had uploaded her images on a Thursday evening and had received her prints in the mail by Saturday! What a turn-a-round!! Mrs. Dekat proceeded to show me one of the wallets that she had ordered and the quality was fantastic!

So if you are looking for an economical online printing service that offers more than high quality prints (they also offer mounting boards, canvas wraps, calendars, standouts, puzzles, magnets......) browse over to www.mpix.com and check out their tour.

Their motto: "Shoot today. Upload tonight. We ship tomorrow."

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