Galleries Submitted by Photosynthesis Viewers

Photography enthusiasts that have been viewing the Photosynthesis Blog have been emailing to inform me of photography galleries that they have viewed while exploring the tens of thousands of websites that are available online.

Another huge thanks to Mitch Montague who earlier this semester submitted a link to new images by photographer Michael Bosanko. This time Mitch found some really awesome "painting with light" images by a group of photographers who call themselves LAPP (Light Art Performance Photography). Their images are mind-boggling!! Take a look at a few of their "performances" and check out the rest of their images at http://www.lapp-pro.de/.


Mrs. Avery Ayers-Berry (who teaches art at Shawnee Heights High School) shared a link to an online gallery located at www.deviantart.com. The gallery belongs to an artist who calls herself Sugarock99. Not much information about her on her DeviantArt page...but I believe her images speak plenty for her! Underwater photography is so extremely difficult. I hope you enjoy her images as much as I did!! To see all of Sugarock99's gallery click on this link. And to read how Sugarock99 creates her images click here.

Thanks again Avery and Mitch! If any readers of the blog see anything photographically cool that they would enjoy sharing with the rest of our viewers please feel free to send me an email: jberryma@topeka.k12.ks.us.

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