*NEW* Images Online by Topeka West Students

Recently, two advanced photography students have notified me that they have images to share online. If you have been following the Photosynthesis blog for awhile you should be familiar with the work of Erik Boeselager. Since 2008 Erik has had a photostream at Flickr and he has a lot of new work if you haven't visited in awhile.

To view Erik's photostream at Flickr follow this link --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/33176367@N04/

Eric also informed me that he has started a blog called The World of Erik. He only has a few posts but they are fun and informative. Click on the title of his blog to take a look --> The World of Erik


Emily Wentworth left a comment on the last post at Photosynthesis that she has created a gallery of her work on Photobucket. I am more than happy to pass along the link to her images. Here is an example of one of the photographs posted on her site:

To view the rest of the gallery click on this link --> http://s944.photobucket.com/albums/ad286/emily_arts/

Thanks again Emily and Erik! And if any other readers or followers have any web links, photo galleries, or blogs to share please feel free to email them to me. Keep up the great work Chargers!!


Don't Have a Camera? Use Your Cellphone!

Earlier this summer Lens, the photography blog of The New York Times, asked their readers "What's in your phone?" The response was incredible! The photography blog received over 1,500 images taken with readers' cellphones. David W. Dunlap (along with his colleague Josh Haner) sifted through all the photographs looking "with an eye toward graphic composition, use of light and unusual moments...exactly those fleeting moments at which one used to say, 'I wish I had a camera right now.'"

Cell phone cameras are beginning to hold their own as cameras become smaller but the resolution grows increasingly larger. The new iPhone 3GS now sports a 3 megapixel digital camera with autofocus! An array of 3rd-party apps can be added to play with the images post-production. More and more people are starting to play around with their creativity and (sometimes) using the only camera they immediately have available.

Sunset in the Saguaro National Park, Jacqueline Boling using an LG

Seal Rock, Oregon, Matt Hoskins using a Blackberry Pearl

Venice Beach, California, Dana Greene using an iPhone 3G

Berlin, B.C. Richter using a Sony Ericsson G900

To view the other amazing 349 photos in this gallery visit the article Readers' Photos: Call Forwarding at Lens. This is some really cool inspiration for you....and your phone!


NEW Samsung DualView TL220 12.2 MP Camera

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New Work by Michael Bosanko

Earlier this year British photographer Michael Bosanko's work was posted on Photosynthesis: Painting with Light, Redux. Now he is back with some wonderful new images in a slideshow that was found online by one of our new students to the photography program Mitch Montague. Thanks for the link Mitch!

See a small slideshow of Bosanko's new work HERE (and a teaser-photo below).

And again, if any students want to submit links to photo galleries, camera reviews, or anything that they think is cool about photography...please feel free to email the author at jberryma@topeka.k12.ks.us.