What to do with all your digital photos? Get a Mac!

As most of you already know, I am a huge Mac advocate. I work daily on a MacBook and love it! I cannot begin to tell you how easy it is to work with digital images on a Mac. Editing, organizing, and viewing your photos in iPhoto is about as easy as it gets.

To learn more about what a Mac can do for you and to view many informative tutorials on the latest version of iPhoto, click here.

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Mitch said...

And if you don't have a mac and don't see the point of spending twice as much for the same power and have a PC or you run Linux (go you!) you can get Google's Picasa (current version is 3.5 I believe) and it has a facial recognition feature that is... fantastic I must say. Scans your hard drive and then you set the first few faces and then the rest follow suit. It works very well but it does eat a lot of your computer when its running... but its one of the best I have seen yet!