Nick Scott's BIG Cyanotype

Last December I posted about alternative photographic printmaking techniques...such as the cyanotype. Nick Scott, one of my multi-advanced photography students has always wanted to create a cyanotype and now that his senior year is almost coming to a close he wanted to make sure to check this off of his "things-to-do-before-I-graduate" list.

But, like most things that Nick does, he wanted to go BIG....big negative equals big print! Please enjoy this photo-documentary of Nick's cyanotype process!

The digital negative will be held down onto the prepped paper with a piece of large plexiglass.

Nick standing with the cyanotype for a sense of "scale".

Placing the digital negative (printed on 13x19 Pictorico film) on top of the sensitized paper.

Exposing the negative to UV light from the sun. This exposure was slightly over 11 minutes.

During the exposure the cyanotype paper will start to turn a darker shade of blue,
evidence that the paper is absorbing UV light.

Here is what the paper looks like after the exposure is complete and the negative has been removed.

The only "chemical" needed to develop the exposed image is water!
The print is washed for at least five minutes under cold water.
Here you can see (on the right side of the print)
the chemicals washing away.

Nick shows off the finished print!

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