Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures

What would you do if you were at a sporting event, or out shopping, or taking a walk in a park and found a camera that had been separated from its owner? If it is a digital camera you would probably turn it on (if you could) and take a look at the pictures right? (You know you would.) But what if it is a film camera? Would you take the time (and money) to get the film developed? Would you put an ad in the local newspaper?

Luckily there is a blog called ifoundyourcamera that is dedicated to reuniting lost cameras (or memory cards) and orphan photos with their original owners.

Fujifilm Camera Found - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I found a pink Fujifilm Fine Pix camera on the east side of Milwaukee, WI., near UW-Milwaukee campus the morning of January 4th. The camera was found demolished and damaged beyond repair, but I salvaged the 4 GB memory card. I am more than happy to return the card to the owner, but I have tossed the camera as it was so badly destroyed."

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