Desktop Images via Digital Imaging

Photography students at Topeka West who have completed Advanced Photography have the option to take Digital Imaging. This class is a lot like Advanced Photography but instead of working in the dark rooms projects are created on the computer and printed out on photo-quality inkjet paper. This class only meets during the spring semester and is usually a small class consisting of juniors and seniors.

The first project that students are asked to complete is a desktop image that they can display on their computer. They are all given the same image to work with: the Apple icon. Displayed below are eight desktop images that were created this semester. I asked the students if it would be okay to posts the images on this blog at full resolution and they all agreed. They don't mind sharing their creations if you would like to decorate your computer with their work. The desktop images measure 1440 pixels x 900 pixels. Click on an image to view at full resolution and to download to your computer!

Eric Boeselager

Caitlin Morrissey

Angelo Chavez

Savannah Abbott

Caitlyn Olsen

Jackie Hebron

Kyler Delfs

Tyler Weber

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