Women and the Photographs They Create

During the years of teaching photography at Topeka West High School I have worked alongside hundreds of students. And, of course, like any other department there have been many stand-out students. There have been the guys...Josh, Cameron, Aaron, Jimmy, Thomas, Jared, Brian, Dalton, Andrew, & Andy. But, recently...within the past four years or more...I have definitely noticed an increase in the number of young female photographers that have started in Photography 1 and through their sophomore, junior, or senior years have become many of the leading photographers in the program. To name just a few: Brittany, Brenna, Savannah, Kelli, Elizabeth, Kelsey, Caitlin, Meghann, Naomi, Taylor, Emily, Annie, Megan. This post is dedicated to all of these wonderful young female photographers (and the many more that I did not specifically list) and the up-and-coming ladies that will continue to amaze me with their creativity!


Since starting this blog I have become addicted to seeking out and spending countless minutes (sometimes hours!) browsing through photography blogs and websites. Many of them seem so accessible now....one blog will link to 10 more which, in turn, will link to several others.

During one of those browsing sessions I happened upon an incredible blog that I hope all of you take the time to visit. Shutter Sisters is a "collaborative photo blog that welcomes all women with a passion for photography from experts to amateurs alike."

Their philosophy:
"Shutter Sisters is committed to honoring and celebrating the beauty that women behind cameras can capture. We embrace the belief that we are all creative equals, eager to share with one another our work; our art. It is in that sharing that we thrive and grow not only in our creativity but in all facets of our lives.
As technology continues to vigilantly lay down new stepping stones in our exploration of the ever- changing landscape of photography, each day offers a chance to learn more. At Shutter Sisters, we encourage you to feel your way as you go. If the passion is there, the rest will follow. It’s not our photographic background, education, or expertise that is important; it’s our pictures. We don’t need to be paid professionals to be recognized as talented photographers. A great image is a great image whether it happened by beautiful mistake or meticulous calculation.

Whether we are using an inexpensive point and shoot camera or a pricey SLR, one common thread remains; when we take a picture, we are telling a story. We are translating our life experience into significant visual images, each photo distilling the fleeting moments of our lives. As women who love to take pictures, we are all united by our cameras and by the desire to capture remarkable images. A sisterhood like that is dare we say it, worth a thousand words."
I spent most of Sunday morning re-visiting the blog and taking the time to look through all of the "sisters" websites, blogs, or Flickr pages. They are all incredibly talented photographers and I was hard-pressed to choose a photo from each of them that would accurately represent their style.

Tracey Clark (founder of Shutter Sisters & Mother May I)

Kate Inglis

Karen Walrond

Maile Wilson

Andrea Scher

Paige Balcer

Irene Nam


Jen Lemen

Stephanie Roberts

The Shutter Sisters openly encourage all female photographers to get involved and to sign up for their email list. Start getting connected!!

The next post will include a photograph by another incredible female photographer (that I have never met!) who sent me a very generous gift...


littlepurplecow said...

Mr. Berryman,

You are so kind to share Shutter Sisters and each of us on your blog with your community. We truly appreciate it. Best regards to you and your students.

-Stephanie Roberts

Chookooloonks said...

I have to echo what Stephanie said -- we so love what we do, and it just makes it ever so much more sweet when we receive kind words from lovely people like you. Thanks so much!


sweetsalty kate said...

I would have sold my soul for an education like this in high school... amazing! And I love that you have a blog as well, Mr. Berryman. Such a great way to gather up insight and tips and resources, and we're all honoured that you consider us in that shareable category. Wonderful!

Best to you and all your students,

Sarah-Ji said...

How fortunate for your students to be introduced to the joy of photography at a young age. I did not become serious with a camera until my 30's, so I can only imagine how far many of your students will go with their photography.

Thank you so much for sharing Shutter Sisters with your class!

maile said...

What a sweet post! Thank you for this.

Paige said...

Thank you for taking the time to explore Shutter Sisters and for your kind words about us. It is such a wonderful community of women. Your students are lucky to have you!

tracey said...

This is long overdue but I wanted to thank you so very much for this write up. There is nothing more important than nurturing creativity of all kinds in young people.

We welcome all women (at any age) to come join us at Shutter Sisters. And of course, the men are welcome too! : ) Thanks again!