Tangobaby (via San Francisco)

I received the greatest surprise in the mail last Friday. I had finished my work day, running some errands around the campus during my plan period, and I was in the main office checking my mail. I pulled out a large white envelope and was clueless as to what was inside. Much to my enjoyment I pulled from within the envelope a gorgeous black and white photograph (look below):

Red Shoes, Backstage 2008

It instantly came back to me that I had specifically voted on this photo earlier in the year on a blog that I had found via Blogger.com's Blogs of Note. Tangobaby is authored by a wonderful woman (and photographer!) named Julie and she had created a post titled Color Me Grateful. She had asked her readers to browse through her photographs on Flickr and choose which one they liked best and why. Then she would choose from the comments which photos she would send out....and she sent one to me! How cool is that?? I am going to proudly display it along with all of the other photos in the developing darkroom.

I am completely in awe by the fact that two photographers, half a country away, can connect via the internet by sharing pieces of their craft. Yet, I was a bit disappointed when I looked on the envelope for a return address so that I could return the favor and send Julie one of my pieces. Well, she knows my email address and if she reads this post maybe she will send her address so I can do just that. Thank you Julie!

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