Still Continuing a Tradition of Excellence...

Last semester I received a very interesting telephone call during the school day. A young lady from Washburn Rural High School wanted to speak to me about the art classes available at Topeka West ...especially the photography program as she was very interested in continuing her photography education. During this less-than-ten-minute conversation I was very impressed with her maturity and was delighted to know that a student was possibly going to transfer to T. West because of our art department.

This semester I am very pleased to announce that former W.R.H.S. junior Caitlyn Olsen is now a student at Topeka West!! Since she has already completed beginning photography and advanced photography she is currently enrolled in Digital Imaging with seven other junior and senior advanced students. Though I have only known her a few weeks I am completely psyched at the fact that she will be with us for one more year! I am very curious to see where she will go creatively over the course of this semester and her senior year.

"So I transferred to Topeka West mainly for the Photography program and art exposure. At Washburn the only level beyond beginning photography was journalism photography, for either Yearbook or Newspaper. Well photography as journalism is something I am personally not interested in. I hope to go to a college to study photography as art and I wanted some extra exposure to photography as art. While I have been at Topeka West I've already learned quiet a few new little things, as well as viewed beautiful pieces by other student photographers that are helping to inspire me as a student photographer. I'm happy with my transfer to West and hope to learn many things about photography while here." -Caitlyn Olsen

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