Polaroid for the 21st Century

For those of you who still remember having their picture taken with a Polaroid camera, sadly that is no longer possible. As of December 31, 2008 Polaroid stopped producing it's instant film. Any remaining film supplies are expected to dry up sometime this year.

Polaroid instant photography has been a part of the world culture for over 60 years. Grade schools used Polaroids to take photos of students for display boards, Andy Warhol used Polaroid images before making his famous prints, and Polaroid film has been used for decades by professional photographers for "proof printing" before shooting with film. As Polaroid film slowly fades away...an era comes to an end.

But not completely to an end. Introducing Poladroid!! An application created by Paul Ladroid that works for both Macs and Windows. Drag and drop your favorite digital images onto the Poladroid camera and watch them come to life as a Poladroid picture! And it's completely free! Watch a demo of how the application works:

As soon as I watched the demo I immediately downloaded and installed the Poladroid application and began playing with a few of my digital images. Here are some of the results:

What a fun way to keep the "idea" of Polaroid alive for younger generations! And did I mention that it is free? Download the application here and be sure to share a Poladroid with friends!!

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