Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

What a day! What a speech!!

(Do you think there were enough photographers?)

There probably wasn't a minute that went by that some aspect of President Obama's day wasn't photographed. Browsing through the photographic record of today's events online is overwhelming! Hundreds of images I have poured through so far. But is wasn't always like this.

I overheard on the radio this morning that the first presidential inauguration captured on film was President Buchanan's in 1857. I verified that this morning before classes by googling the image and found an interesting page about the history of the inauguration.

Late last year I shared with all of you a new photo application created by Microsoft in a post titled "Let's Get SYNTHY!!". I noticed while browsing around the news sites today that they are starting to use this incredible software! Take a look at several photosynths taken before and during the inauguration at MSNBC.com.

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MMapes said...

the 20th was a beautiful day I must agree!!! His speech was really good and I'm extremely proud to have him as our president. I just hope he doesn't disappoint.