Foreign Exchange Students Love Photo 1!!

It seems, consistently, for the past several semesters that I have had the sincere pleasure of teaching foreign exchange students that have been taking classes at Topeka West. I have had students from Poland, Turkey, Japan, two students from Germany, and this past semester a young woman from Venezuela.

I'll be honest, every time an exchange student takes a photography course I get very nervous! I always feel like I am going to cover the material too quickly or the student is just not going to understand anything that I am trying to teach them. Fortunately, the exchange students have been some of the best and most memorable students!!

Now that I have started the Photosynthesis blog I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to showcase unique students like Rossmary. I asked her to write a short summary of her experience in photography and I have also provided a few of her photographs that she created this semester. Enjoy!

"I’m Rossmary, I’m a foreign exchange student from Venezuela, and I was a Photography 1 student this semester at Topeka West High School.

The photography class more that a subject was a challenge for me. I used to think that just knowledge and imagination were needed to get the perfect photo, but during this class I realized that get the perfect photo also involves ability, time, patience, and luck!

When you shoot, your days become very special. But it’s even better when you create unique and creative images that capture not only the visual but also the intangible feelings and expression.

I always considered the experience of studying abroad attractive, so when I decided to be an exchange student, I knew that I was going to be able to take subjects that were not available in our educational system and definitely Photography was my best choice!"

–Rossmary Del Valle Márquez

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