Then: Google image search, Now: CoolIris

When searching for images online via Google's image search feature, do you ever find yourself getting really tired of clicking through page after page after page of images? The format never changes and after awhile all the images start to look the same. Would you like to be able to search the images all at the same time? Or look at a "wall" of images that seems to never end? Starting today, change the way you search for images online and point your browser to CoolIris.com!

CoolIris is a web browser plugin that transforms your image browsing into a full-screen 3-D experience. Jackson Chung (via makeuseof.com) wrote a terrific review of CoolIris titled "Take a Closer Look at Your Pictures with CoolIris".

Cooliris’ party piece which is really very impressive, is the endless 3D photo wall. Trust me, after using the 3D wall, regular browsing will never suffice again. Suppose you were searching for something on Google Images, only 20 results will be displayed on a page at any time. By using the 3D wall, you can view all of the results at once.

Unfortunately, Cooliris will not work on every site with photos, only certain Cooliris-enabled sites like Flickr, Picasa, Google, DeviantART, Yahoo!, SmugMug, Photobucket, Facebook and MySpace. The next time when you’re browsing through your friend’s photo album on Facebook, hit the Cooliris button and you’ll be instantly rewarded with the photos on the 3D wall - no more clicking on ‘Next’.

Cooliris will also work with videos from YouTube. It arranges the videos as it does with photos. Be warned, browsing YouTube with Cooliris is very addictive since it shows you all the search results next to each other. It’s very tempting to just sit there and watch all of them! Granted, YouTube isn’t the same if you can’t read the comments of others or go through the ‘Related Videos’ - two essential features which are missing from Cooliris.

Besides providing a very powerful image browsing experience CoolIris also includes a Discover feature that helps you channel surf the latest news and other exciting media from around the world. You can keep up to date with politics, sports, Hollywood, and even the latest movie trailers.

CoolIris is currently supported on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Take a look at their site...download the plugin...take a few seconds to intall...and experience a completely new and exciting way to browse images online!!


Salvador said...

Your nearly impossible to find on google!!
but i liked read'n your blogs that you posted up.

Mr. Berryman said...

Thanks for taking a look at the blog Salvador...glad you were finally able to find it! ;-)

emily w said...

i really liked this blog
the pictures featured on the slide show are amazing
i love the color

Erica Hildebrand said...

Cooliris is amazing, :).
The site's cool!

Anonymous said...

Cooliris looks pretty awesome!
I might have to check that out
~Megan Mapes~