Student websites

Many students have graduated from Topeka West and continued on with their photographic experience. I truly enjoy keeping in contact with these students so that I may continue to see how their work changes and grows. It is amazing to see just how good these students become!

Josh Mishler graduated in 2000 and quickly became an up-and-coming genius photographing custom-built hot rods. He now works as Head Photographer for Buckaroo Communications. Josh has created his own website called Juxtaposed Machines that showcases his exceptional photographic talents. His work is really top-notch and if you know a friend or family member that is a fan of hot-rods you can even purchase a print directly from the site!

Caitlin Seals Schwanke graduated in 2007 and has been very eager to enroll in a photography class while attending college. She informed me a few days ago that she is currently enrolled in a class that will start in the spring semester! Though she is not currently taking a class that has not slowed her down! Last month she photographed her second wedding and continues to take portraits of her friends and family. Caitlin has created her own website using a .Mac account (now called MobileMe). It is crisp, clean, and clearly showcases her talent for capturing exceptional images with her camera. Check it out here.


Erica Hildebrand said...

Hey, I know Maci Loughrea was planning on leaving a comment too.

We should have our own student page, where we can post our work/flickr pages/etc!!

That'd be really cool, and it'd be cool to look through other peoples work too.

I subscribed to the itunes podcast also.


Maci L said...

Well even though I haven't graduated yet, I do have a photography website for my work.


This blog is pretty cool too. Im glad we have resources outside of the class.

Mr. Berryman said...


Thanks for the link to your Flickr page...I will check it out and possibly post it on the blog!


That's a great idea...or, like Maci, if you have a site on Flickr, Photobucket, etc. email the link to my address provided on the blog and I will review it and post the address very everyone to see!