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Digital cameras are quickly becoming more and more accessible to younger students. Digital media cards are now able to hold hundreds (if not thousands) of images at a time. Parents may not want all of those images cluttering up the home computer. So where is a student supposed to store all of their images?

For the past few years sites have been popping up online to create an answer to this question. And photography companies have been quickly following suit. With the onslaught of digital cameras, from point-and-shoots to digital SLRs, there needs to be a place where digital media storage is simple, fun, and easy to access.

Last summer, Nikon launched an advertising campaign called Picturetown. Nikon arrived in Georgetown, S.C. and gave away 200 of their new D40 digital SLR cameras to show that anyone can take high-quality digital pictures.

Along with this campaign Nikon also introduced an online photo storage website. my Picturetown is a free service that provides users with 2 gigabytes of image storage while also providing a simple and easy way to share your photos with friends and family.

Some other photo sharing sites that you might already be familiar with are flickr, photobucket, or deviantART. All three are fantastic sites to browse through just to see what other amateur and professional photographers are creating!

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