Finally up and running!!

Thank you for checking out the new Topeka West blog dedicated to the art of photography! This blog has sat dormant for several months with all the best intentions in the world. It finally took an inservice presentation for me to finally get it up and running. I used this blog (along with Dr. Rolfs' blog about her trip to Japan) as examples to share with the rest of the Topeka West faculty. Once I showed them how easy it is to update and share ideas through this format I finally decided it was time to share it with everyone.

I plan on sharing a variety of information within this blog. Links to photography websites, tidbits of information about cameras and the world of digital (and film!) photography, student work, class handouts, and whatever else I can think of (or others share with me) will be added to this site. I hope you enjoy what I and the students of Topeka West have to share with you and please tell all your friends and family about this blog!

(If you would like to submit an idea for a post please feel free to email me at jberryma@topeka.k12.ks.us. If you would like to post a comment on any of the posts, please do so! Comments are open to all viewers, though I would really appreciate if you leave your name...that way I can keep track of who has been viewing the blog!)


Anonymous said...

Very sophisticated blog....I think. This is my very first blogging experience. Do I win something? I will save under favorites. I consider myself artistically stupid so I could stand to learn something. Victoria

Anonymous said...

Mr. Berryman this site is awesome!!! I didn't know you were working on a website. Anyway, this is pretty darn cool. Brittany

Jessica T. said...

Mr. Berryman!
It's Jessica. (:
I'm really glad you made this site.
I'll be looking at it a lot.

Mr. Berryman said...

Brittany & Jessica,

Thanks for the kudos! Be sure to bookmark the blog's URL...in the next couple of weeks I will be posting a lot more past and present student work.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I can't wait. Brittany